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  • Are your teething products and BIBS dummies baby-safe?
Yes - safety is of utmost importance to us. 

1. All our beaded clips are hand-crafted out of high quality nylon cord, which has impressive stretch resistance and is easy to maintain. They are also heat-treated for extra strength.

2. Our silicone beads are safety tested and certified Food Grade, making them soft enough and completely safe for our little chompers. They are non-toxic, BPA, PVC, Phthalates and Cadmium-free and do not absorb odour nor support the growth of mould/ bacteria.

3. All wooden products and materials such as our clasps, rings and beads are made of untreated maple or beech wood, which as commonly used in children's toys because of their natural properties. They are antibacterial, chemical-free and non-splintering. 

4. BIBS dummies meet the Australian Safety Standard (code AS2432-1991) and European Safety Standard (EN1400+A1)

  • What are some unique features of your silicone teether designs?
Most of the silicone teethers we carry have dual textured surfaces for maximum massaging and soothing on the gums. They are also mostly one-piece moulded design, hence there are no sneaky holes or ridges for moisture to hide.

  • Why are your wooden teethers left untreated?
Most of our wooden products are left untreated to avoid allergies. You may choose to coat them with beeswax blends or organic coconut/ olive oil for a more polished appearance.

  • How do I know which teether best suits my child?
That is really up to what your child prefers and/ or needs. Silicone teethers are perfect for the little ones who need extra relief as they can be popped into the fridge/ freezer for a cooling sensation on the gums. Wooden teethers are especially useful for gently breaking through that last layer of gum for first teeth which are just about to erupt. Some of our teethers double up as rattles, which provides extra fun!

  • How should I clean & care for the products?

Wash silicone products with warm water and mild dish soap, then leave to air-dry. For wooden products, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Never soak them in water as that may ruin the wood grain. 

As for BIBS pacifiers, sterilize each pacifier before use by boiling in water for 3-5 minutes before setting aside to dry & cool. Do not sterilize in steam/ UV sterilizer. Do not overboil or leave them soaking in water as that may lead to build up of hard water within the dummy teat, which will cause a "cloudy" appearance on the teat. (Source: BIBS Denmark) 

  • Does your store carry authentic BIBS products?
Yes - our store carries authentic BIBS dummies, which are Danish-made, 100% BPA, PVC and Phtalates free. They come in co-branded packaging. Please read through all safety instructions that are printed on the box.

  • Why does the appearance of the BIBS pacifiers that I purchased sometimes differ from one piece to another?

The nipple of each BIBS pacifier is made of natural latex. It is hence subject to natural material fluctuations which can become noticeable through a different optical appearance. Therefore, some nipples may appear cloudy and some may appear darker. The quality or product safety is not compromised. (Source: BIBS Denmark)