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Giving Back

Listed below are some of the give-back projects we have completed with our community partners; please lend your support if their cause speaks to you:

  • Food From The Heart (ongoing)
The School Goodie Bag programme provides underprivileged primary and secondary school students and their families with monthly food rations. These rations supplement their meals and reduce their mental & financial burden resulting from food insecurity. Food from the Heart selects healthier food options to provide better nutrition to these developing young minds. A dollar per item sold via hello mighty munchers is donated to this program, contributing to the promise of a child's next meal.

  • Presbyterian Preschool Services (December 2021)
Presbyterian Preschool Services is a Partner Operater of Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). PPS strives to provide affordable and quality education to the children in their community, nurturing and equipping these little ones with life skills & values in their foundation years. A dollar per item sold in Dec 2021 was donated to the Presbyterian Preschool Education Fund; the money raised went directly to the children who need financial aid in getting take-home resources, readers and Development Support or Learning Support programmes.

  • Autism Network Singapore (April 2021)
Autism Network SG is an alliance of 5 social service agencies (SSA) partners who are passionate about advocacy for autism awareness and rallying support for the cause. In conjunction of World Autism Awareness Month, partial proceeds from the month of April were donated to our selected SSA under the network. You can learn more about how our products support children with autism via this link.


  • Sanctuary Care (January 2021)
Sanctuary Care is a community respite care service by Boys' Town that seeks to safeguard the welfare of vulnerable children in Singapore. They provide temporary care and shelter to infants and young children who require out-of-home care within a family-based environment. An in-kind donation of our teething goodies and pacifiers was made to bless the children under their care.


  • YWCA of Singapore: Meals-on-wheels for Children (July - September 2020)
The YWCA-MOWC is a meals programme for children aged between five and 12 years from low-income families. Free nutritious halal dinners are delivered to them daily. The programme was developed in 2006 and is currently serving nearly 120 children. We ran a fundraiser from the sale of our local delights teethers that went towards this programme, providing 170 meals in total.


  • Heartbeat Project (February - April 2020)
Heartbeat Project exists to inspire the church to build a culture that chooses life, so that every unborn child may have the chance to live life to the fullest. We donated partial proceeds from the sale of every pastel rainbow teether/ keychain during this fundraiser, which went towards their cause to raise awareness about unsupported pregnancies, vulnerable children in need and fostering initiatives.