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Pacifier Factsheet

General Care

  • Before first use, place pacifier in boiling water for 3 minutes. Allow to cool and squeeze out any excess water.
  • We recommend that all pacifiers be changed every 4-6 weeks for hygiene purposes.
  • For latex dummies (BIBS Colour range), the nipple will expand slightly with use due to the properties of natural rubber.
  • Inspect all pacifiers before each use for signs of wear; throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness.

FRIGG Colorblock & BIBS Colour

  • The nipple of each FRIGG Colorblock and BIBS Colour pacifier is made of latex. It is hence subject to natural material fluctuations which can become noticeable through physical appearance. The quality or product safety is not compromised.
  • Rubber is softer than silicone, making it a closer match to mother's breast.
  • Do not sterilize in steam/ UV sterilizer
  • Do not leave the latex dummies soaking in water as that may lead to build up of hard water within the teat.

FRIGG Daisy & BIBS Supreme

  • Both of these lines of pacifiers have shields made of polyproplene (PP), as well as silicone nipples.
  • In general, silicone is more durable and sterile compared to natural rubber. 
  • The FRIGG Daisy pacifier has a round teat while the BIBS Supreme has a symmetrical teat shape.
  • Sterilizing in steam sterilizer is possible; but not encouraged.

Sweetie Soothers

  • Made entirely of food-grade silicone; design is patent pending
  • Sterilizer and dishwasher (top rack) safe
  • Do not clean with abrasive cleaning agents or antibacterial cleanser
  • Comes in a single size only