A situation I didn't prepare for as a mom to 3 young kids

Wanna know a situation I really didn’t prepare for as a mom to 3 kids under 5?

When I realised just how much tissues/ wet wipes our family would use in a single day!

It felt wasteful, excessive, yet totally necessary because of the amount of spit-ups, spillages and accidents throughout the day.

But what I soon learned was there are better alternatives out there that are gentler on our pockets, our kids’ skin, AND mama Earth.

Here’s the switch our family took:
✅ swap out our tissues and wipes for cotton muslin squares and bamboo wipes
✅ stash them in every single room/ common area in the house for easy access
✅ keep a few spares in every child’s bag
✅ use them for every single purpose - they have cleaned up spit-ups, sweat, spills, snot, happy post-meal mouths, tables & chairs… you name it!

It’s been 3 years now, and the transformation has been pretty swell. We rinse the soiled cloths once, then machine wash them with our usual laundry loads & re-use them when they’re clean again. Intuitive, isn’t it?


So if you’re looking for a truly useful and multi-functional gift for a mama friend, or even for yourself, check out our bamboo cloth wipes! Once you start, you’ll never go back to disposables 🤍

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