From Trash to Treasure: our Eco Wet Bags

Plastic gets a bad rep, but it is a helpful and necessary resource for many innovative products. At EcoNaps, plastic is used in their products so they won't tear or fade even after hundreds of wash cycles.

The real problem with plastic is when it is used once and tossed away (common single-use offenders include plastic nappies, water bottles, coffee cups and drinking straws), especially when so many eco-friendly alternatives are available.

EcoNaps is Plastic Neutral Certified by Plastic Bank, and this is their commitment to measure, reduce and offset the plastic it takes to produce every product.



This involvement with the Plastic Bank program not only prevents plastic from entering our oceans, it also provides individuals with a secure source of income that didn’t otherwise exist. 

Community collectors gather ocean-bound plastic waste from beaches, riverbanks, neighbourhoods, and households. They are then rewarded with digital tokens to spend on necessities like groceries, school tuition and cooking fuel. The plastic waste they’ve collected is recycled and reprocessed which reduces the need for virgin plastic.

It’s a win for people and our oceans. 



Here’s how used plastic bottles are transformed into the beautiful EcoNaps products that we know and love:


And there we have it! ✨
The yarn is then ready to be woven into high performance fabric for EcoNaps products. Shop our whole range here.

p/s: Click here for ways to use your wet bags!

Remember - when you purchase any EcoNaps product, you help create lasting environmental, social and economic impact. 


Source: EcoNaps Cloth Nappy Blog


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