Building your child's Pincer Grasp

If you're a mom, you would know that being able to complete everyday tasks boosts a toddler's confidence and fosters independence. 

Ever wonder what a foundation motor skill you can/ should build upon while playing with your child? It's the Pincer Grasp!

The pincer grasp is the act of using your index finger and thumb to pick up or manipulate things. It comes up often in conversations regarding development because it is an important fine-motor milestone.

This skill allows a child to execute manual tasks like putting food in their mouth, buttoning their shirt or pants, and tying their shoes. (Note: NOT holding a pencil, that's not developmentally appropriate for a toddler.)


Wanna know what's a useful tool/ toy that can help enhance your child's pincer grasp? Here goes!

Our lacing cards make an excellent toddler gift as it

✨ promotes meaningful engagement and skill development
✨ is ideal for on-the-go entertainment as a mess-free craft to keep kids engaged & learning during travel or at restaurants
✨ is made with child-safe materials; all lacing cards are matte laminated & printed with eco-friendly inks on FSC Certified paper board

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