How to choose the perfect teether


So bub's drooling, maybe a lil' cranky, and definitely teething. One of the most effective ways to ease their growing pains is to give them something to chew on. But have you ever wondered if all teethers function the same way?

First things first. Most baby teethers are specifically designed to aid in our babies' teething process by providing counter pressure and hence, reduce pain and discomfort on those gums. Here are 3 lesser known benefits of baby teethers:

• strengthen jaw and facial muscles

• preparation for starting solids: teethers provide a wide range of textures and the opportunity to "self-feed"

• improve visuo-motor, gross and fine motor skills as they require baby to hold onto them and bring them to their mouth


Here are our top tips on choosing the "perfect" teether, based on your bubs' unique needs:


1. For the who baby can't yet hold onto a teether

Teething mittens/ gloves are designed to stay on baby's hand! They also keep baby from getting scratches on their face, all while still achieving the goal of soothing their gum discomfort.

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2. For the baby who's beginning to grasp onto items

Choose designs with big grips and perfect handholds. Bonus: the pieces our shop carry are mostly 1 piece moulded designs that have no holes for moisture to hide!

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 3. For the emerging molars

Some teethers have special designs like this one, whose bunny ears reach right along the gum to reach the back of baby's mouth. It also has a dual texture reverse for maximum textural stimulation.

Check out this bunny teether here.



4. For the drool-y ones

Teething babies are drool-y ones! Especially when the little teether are JUST about to erupt. These drool cloths double up as teethers, as they come with a detachable wood ring that is especially useful for breaking through that last layer of gum.

Check out our best-selling wooden teether here.



And that's it! We sure hope these tips helped! Over to you, now :)


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