hello little chompers is a mama-run, heart-led store fuelled by the joy of meaningful gifting. We strive to be your go-to store for eco-conscious and personalized gifting rooted in love and dedication. Our curated selection not only aligns with our commitment to sustainability but also supports fellow small businesses. As your personal curator of practical gifts, we stock and hand-make uniquely special items for every milestone in your story.

  • "A staple in my gift-giving routine"

    I love that hlc always curates the highest quality items, that look extremely aesthetic too. It’s really hard to research and find items for little ones that are safe, durable and useful, so I’m really appreciative and grateful that I chanced upon hlc and have never looked back.

    Another plus point is they are always looking for sustainable ways to package their items. It’s one of the reasons why I decided to get my first box from them.

    They really are a staple in my gift giving routine, and they should be one of yours too! - Lorna Y

  • "Customer service is just top-notch!"

    Anytime a loved one brings a little bundle of joy into this world, hlc curated gift sets are a MUST for me to get them! Years into buying these lovely sets, the quality is maintained and in fact, just keeps getting better!

    What I like about curating these gift sets is that as mum of two myself, I can pick and choose items based on what I know will be very useful to the new mums and babies receiving them. Not only are the items of excellent quality, they are practical and aesthetically appealing! Also, customization is a breeze as customer service is just top-notch!

    As a faithful returning customer, I highly recommend! 😊 - Farah N

  • "Handmade with love"

    My friends and I have just received the super pretty handmade with ❤️ keychains by hlc!! 🤩😘

    hlc handmade charms are definitely an ideal personalized gift for any occasion (teachers’ day, birthday goodies bags, xmas etc.)

    Highly recommended if you are looking for gift ideas! Support local xoxo 💋 - Susan L

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