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Jessica Urlichs

Jess Urlichs Motherhood Poetry Collection (3 titles)

Jess Urlichs Motherhood Poetry Collection (3 titles)

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Our 3 book bundle is currently on pre-order status and will arrive by 6-8 May 2024. Please order only if you are comfortable with this wait time.


Discover the heartwarming and relatable poetry series by Jessica Urlichs, a mom, published author, and poet from New Zealand. This collection features poignant, raw, and beautifully honest pieces on motherhood, making it the perfect go-to gift for all moms.

About Jessica Urlichs:

  • Jessica is a renowned author and poet whose books have sold over 140,000 copies worldwide.
  • She has built a beautiful community of parents across her social channels, offering a space for the beautiful messy truth of motherhood.
  • Jessica's writing explores the highs and lows of motherhood, addressing thoughts and feelings that many may resonate with but haven't yet expressed.

Why Choose Jessica Urlichs' Poetry Series:

  • Poignant and Honest: Jessica's poems capture the essence of motherhood with honesty and poignancy, providing a comforting and relatable experience for readers.

  • Community Connection: Join a community of parents who appreciate and connect with the shared experiences depicted in Jessica's writing.

  • Thoughtful Gift: These books make for a thoughtful and meaningful gift for new mothers, offering words that resonate during the challenges of postpartum life.


  • "Jessica's words and poems were a lifeline for me during the hardest, most lonely postpartum nights. Becoming a new mom is so much more than anyone can prepare you for, but these poems can be a guiding light in the dark." - Rachel Platten, Singer & Songwriter

  • "My go-to gift for new mothers."

  • "Jessica found a way to put into words the very soul of motherhood."

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