Why choose our party favours?

Hey Mama!

Are you planning for your child's upcoming party or event? Are you looking for customized, practical party favours and door gifts that your guests will love AND use?

And all you can find are generic, mass-produced, run-off-the-mill gift ideas OR customized products that are way out of budget?

I get it; I've been there before!

But now? I can help! 

As an occupational therapist turned stay home mom to 3 littles, I set out to put together affordable AND fully customizable party favours that bring out the FUN in fun-ctional gifting for you!


1. Our Signature Product

Our signature product are our handmade charms/ zipper pulls. They are a fun way to spiff up any outfit or bag and are appropriately sized for little hands, making zipping/ unzipping fun! They help to improve confidence and encourages mastery in the task of zipping.


2. Fun add-ons

We also offer functional add-ons and alternatives like socks, customized pens, name charms, trolley tokens and DIY keychain kits.


3. Celebration stickers

You could also take it one step further and top-up for customized celebration stickers!


Ready to wow your guests? Let's create something truly special together! 

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